What happens to your home after water has damaged it is a question you all have, and we understand the concern that you have. It all depends on, there are several scenarios and not all of them are good. Let’s start from the beginning. The moment when you call us, you need to provide us with much information as you possibly can. That information is crucial for us to know exactly what kind of problem we are facing and we can prepare the adequate equipment for the given situation.

Removing the water and repairing your homeWhile we are preparing all the needed equipment for the job, our operator on the phone will tell you step by step what you need to do in the given situation. We are making sure that the person on the phone is well trained with a lot of experience and he is prepared to help you along the way. While you are speaking to our operator we are probably already on the way, and by the time he finishes giving you tips we are most likely just a few minutes away. That way you won’t get scared and start panicking because that’s when bad things happen.

Removing the water and repairing your home

When we arrive at your home, we don’t waste any time. The quicker we pump out the water, the better because if walls are in contact with the water for a long period it can damage it. Repairing the walls is not an easy job, and it is very expensive if you don’t have insurance in your home. So we are trying to act quickly as we can and set up the pump or pumps in case there is a need for more than one. It all depends on the amount of water that is in your home. After the pumps have done their job and all the water is pumped out, our team of experts are repairing the source of leakage if there is one. By dryingThen they are trying to estimate the damage that has been done to the house. In most cases, the damage is not serious and can be fixed easily, but sadly sometimes the damage that has been done to the house is not repairable, that usually happens when people don’t call us right away. When dealing with water, time can mean a lot just a few minutes can make a huge difference in the outcome.  We advise everyone to call us immediately in the case of a water emergency. By drying the walls we can save the house and its foundations, it’s a very simple trick, but it takes a lot of time depending on the thickness of the walls.